Canadian Champion Balsamroot Alta Lago is a new edition, and we are very excited about her.  Maple is from Balsamroot Lagottos in Kelowna, BC and is a result of the breeding between Mila (Millie Cerveza WFL) and Walter (Ch Laodicea Salute to LK’s Mario). Maple is living with her new forever home in White Rock, BC with Joanna & Andre & thier army of kids.  Maple has completed her Canadian Championship.

Balsamroot Lagottos are Jon & Jenn, and are new to breeding.  I have been so impressed by the attention they give to thier dogs, to how they are breeding and to best practices such as health testing, maintaining the standard of the breed and who gets thier dogs.  I love this kennel and these people – they are so good for the breed. 

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals – Health Testing

Wisdom Panel – Genetic Testing

Canadian Kennel Club – Pedigree

Canadian Kennel Club – 10 Points (December 2021)