Canadian Champion Maggie Smith for Laodicea

LK’s Maggie Smith for Laodicea – Tonks lives with Nicole, Curtis, and their kids, were he is being been well socialized. ¬†Silas and Tonks are practically siblings; they fight over toys, they wrestle and Silas can be usually heard trying to order Tonks around with Tonks just giving a blank stare. Silas is in charge of making sure that Tonks is let out in the morning for a bathroom break and that she is fed breakfast and dinner every day. Tonks loves Silas and is never very far from him. When we go to the park, Tonks makes sure Silas is always being watched over. Silas doesn’t always return the favor, he is usually caught tackling Tonks or pulling on her legs and/or tail when she is not listening to him. All that being said, Silas and Tonks are great friends and love to play with each other.

Tonks is one of our breeding females. ¬†She lives with the Meliefste’s until its time to have puppies, then she comes to our kennel to have and whelp her litter.

Canadian Kennel Club – Pedigree