Who We Are

 Laodicea Lagotto is a small kennel located in Langley, British Columbia owned by Geoffrey Vande Kuyt. Presently Laodicea Lagotto has a female Lagotto Romagnolo named Tonks. She lives in a showhome with Curtis and Nicole and their kids Silas and Sloane.  Geoff was intrigued with this breed, with its ancient roots, and road to becoming a popular house hold pet again, the Lagotto is one of the most versatile and family friendly breeds available.  It’s temperament, hypoallergenic coat and desire to please – this is an incredible breed.

Prior to raising and breeding Lagottos, Geoff and his wife raised and bred Boxers and Bulldogs. Geoff has always been fascinated with all dogs, and has a strong desire to see the breed excel in health, temperament, and confirmation. In the winter of 2016 Geoff purchased his first Lagotto, Tonks, from Lagotto Kennels on Vancouver Island. The owner of Lagotto Kennels, Bridgett Flynn, has been breeding Lagotto Romagnolo for many years and Geoff had been looking for over two years for the right Lagotto from a reputable breeder. Tonks was a surprise to Nicole; who thought raising a two year old, a new baby and a brand new puppy might be a bit of a challenge.  Little did she know that Tonks was on her way.  Curtis and Nicole have done a fabulous job taking care of Tonks – but Silas has done a great job making sure Tonks was well accustomed to becoming part of a young family.  

The summer of 2016 was a great summer of showing and winning with Tonks, taking some group placements and beating most of her competition when available.  She is a very pretty girl and we look forward to the many adventures Tonks and her family will have in the future. 


Stark is a beautiful, friendly puppy that always grabs the attention of people passing by.  We haven’t found a single thing that she is afraid of, other than her own reflection.  Although she is a young puppy she has proven to be very trainable.  We love her so much and is a perfect addition to our home.  

Megan & Michael

Show Home - Stark