We had a great month of September with two of Laodicea’s dogs achieving their Canadian Championships.  The Canadian Kennel Club recognizes a Canadian Championed dog as one that has won at least 3 competitions under 3 different judges.  Our handler Jennifer Driessen did a great job with her team to see our pups reach this milestone.  We did not show much during the pandemic, for obvious reasons; however we have been going strong since the summer.  Bella has finished just under her second year birthdate while Noce completed his at just 7.5 months.  We are super excited about both these dogs as we continue to produce quality dogs and compete in the show ring.  What’s next for these dogs?  Bella will live at home and likely be a mom later on this year, while Noce is starting to compete in Nose work competitions.  Great job to all that helped out in this – especially to Jenn and her team and to the judges that put up our dogs – Thank-you!