We are excited to announce our newest litter of Lagotto Romagnolos which we have called the Three Stooges!  Last night, after a trip to the emergency clinic, we welcomed 3 healthy boys – Larry, Mo and Curly.  Initially we were worried that Gnoochi wasn’t pushing the pups out – and being her first litter we were a little concerned that things were not going as hoped for.  It was senseless worrying and Gnoochi did amazing, and continues to surprise us as a great mom.  She self whelped the litter and started to care for them immediately.  All puppies are spoken for, but we will keep you in the loop with some great pics and stories of this wonderful litter.  The highlight so far has been my kids naming the one white / brown – Carlos.  So welcome to the 3 Stooge Litter of Larry, Mo and Carlos.